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702 route de la plagne

tel: 04-50-79-01-96
fax: 04-50-79-20-91

Wellness center

The hotel offers a wellness center around water and heat. The center is open daily from 5:15 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. (except Saturday) and admission is free. Warning, these facilities are not open to children under 16 and are closed on Saturday (steam bath, jacuzzi and gym) but are accessible for private sessions (fee).

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Sauna's "dry heat"

Sauna is a bath that uses dry heat between 70°C à 100°C to induce perspiration, and in which steam is produced by pouring water on heated stones. The sense of well being, lightness and cleanliness to the output of a sauna is very special, and even a temperature of 80 or 90 ° C or immersion in water close to 0 ° C is tolerable and even very nice, although it is hard to believe until you try.

The + : The + Calm nerves, stimulates circulation, clears the respiratory tract, eliminates toxins, relaxes the muscles, cleanses the skin

Hammam's "moist heat"

A steam bath is almost always seen as a relaxation which gives a delicious feeling of freedom. The gentle moist heat ofsteam (40 to 50 °) envelops you, activates blood circulation and gives you a beneficial relaxation.

The + : Opens the pores of the skin, removes dirt and bacteria, clear the sinuses and nasal passages, soothes sore muscles and make breathing easier.

UV tanning

Enjoy our ergoline sunbeds for sunbathing!




Jacuzzi, also called spa tub is equipped with an injection system of forced air and water pressure, more or less complex, providing a massaging effect and relaxing to the user. Enjoy the relaxing effect of the bubbles and jets to relax and recharge your batteries.

Indoor Swimming pool

Our indoor pool measuring 10x5 meters and is heated throughout the year to the delight of the whole family!



The hotel has a gym recently and very complete. To stretch, unwind but also to spend and you work on your fitness. The room is reserved for over 16 years. Are available:

- An electronic treadmill
- A rower mail
- A bicycle with electronic sensors and indicators
- A step
- A multifunctional device, weights and dumbbells